The healthy mind programme

What is the programme?

The behaviour transformation programme is a bespoke and intelligently designed method of resolving challenging behaviour exhibited in children and young people.

We know that challenging behaviour can impact on all of your pupil's learning, so we want to provide an alternative option to permanent exclusion with our healthy mind intervention sessions.

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Key Features

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    Experienced Instructor

    Programme delivered by a highly skilled expert with over 16 years' experience.
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    Suitable for both primary and secondary schools.
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    Helps students with: persistent disruptive behaviour/ non compliance/ aggressive behaviour/ low confidence/ low self-esteem/ low self-efficacy.
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    Fully Tailored

    Bespoke and customisable programmes available with detailed action plans and behavioural tool kits.
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    Cost Effective

    Cost and student welfare effective alternative to exclusion and/or PRU referrals.
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    Free Consultation

    30 minute consultation available before purchase.
  • Our Aims

    To ensure all young people at risk of permanent exclusion, or those that display persistent disruptive behaviour, remain in mainstream school and avoid pupil referral units (PRU). This can be achieved by supporting young people to do the following:

    Develop Resilience

    Not all CYP are able to recover from change at the same rate, so we provide a tool kit for them to deal with difficult situations well into adulthood.

    Raise self-awareness

    We introduce the recognition of triggers, boundaries and self-discipline so CYP can become aware of themselves and those around them.

    Creating Emotional Intelligence

    This process ties in with resilience and self-awareness to provide holistic care and helps CYP adapt their emotions to the environment they are in.

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    We work to prevent escalation and/or PRU referrals by utilising Motivational Interviewing (MI).

    MI is a counselling style that stimulates behavioural change by focusing on exploring and resolving ambivalence.

    In group MI, the group leader shapes conversations so that the emphasis is on behaviour change. A key and critical strategic intervention to maximise group impact is the use of advanced conversation shaping. This involves the group leader making links between one group members perspectives, values and behaviours and the other group members to help them identify similarities with each other, helping to support group cohesion.

    Maximising impact requires advanced skills in shaping conversations so that they have a productive focus and flow, leading members towards greater clarity regarding their behaviour, values and goals. 

    Finally, this motivates each member to be more invested in their plans for change.

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    When children and young people remain ambivalent about change and unclear about how services can help them achieve their goals, they are less likely to engage and more likely to develop conflicts with staff and other participants.

    MI helps to increase engagement and reduce dropout rates, leading to improved outcomes (Hettema, Steele, & Miller, 2005).

    MI helps children resolve their uncertainty about change, develop specific goals and implement plans for these goals. 

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    The 5 Step Programme to a Healthy Mind

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