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Donate your unwanted laptops to help school children working remotely

Date published: Date modified: 2023-02-10

SAAF Education, amongst other organisations, has donated laptops and old equipment to Nottingham Schools Trust, to help schools provide equipment to children working from home.

National lockdown measures have meant that children are required to work remotely to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Schools are in desperate need of computers to ensure school children can continue working remotely.

Nottingham Schools Trust has appealed for old or unwanted fully functioning laptops with webcams. The Trust is working with the charity www.retech.me.uk who repurpose old laptops for free – meaning that anyone who decides to donate a laptop can get their laptop professionally wiped. The unwanted laptop will then be given to a Nottingham city school child to support their home learning.

SAAF Education has donated new laptops as well as old equipment to Westglade Primary School via the appeal set up by Nottingham Schools Trust.

So far, 230 laptops have been donated to the Trust – with a total goal of 1000.

Help us reach the 1000 mark. Donate your unwanted or laptops here - http://www.nottinghamschoolstrust.org.uk/laptop-appeal/

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10 February 2021


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