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It's time to prepare for the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

Date published: Date modified: 2022-10-25

The bidding window for the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) usually opens around October half term and closes just before Christmas. However waiting until the bidding window opens can make it much more difficult to organise and plan your project, if you start now, you will have plenty of time to write a successful bid and submit it on time.

If you work in a standalone academy, free school or small multi-academy trust, with the support of our partners you can start the process now. We can assist in preparing a bid that could result in significant benefits for your school.

What is the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)?

The main priority for CIF is to support capital projects to improve the condition of academies, free schools, sixth form colleges and non-diocesan voluntary aided schools, ensuring that the buildings are safe and fit for purpose. Projects that address health and safety issues such as poor building conditions, asbestos, fire protection systems, gas safety and electrical safety can receive funding.

The CIF can essentially provide your school with various benefits and developments, creating a better environment for all staff and pupils.

The previous round of the condition improvement fund 2020-2021 provided funding of over £434m for 1,476 projects at 1,243 academies, free schools, sixth-form colleges and non-diocesan voluntary aided schools, supporting a significant amount of schools within the UK to develop their establishments. So be sure to contact our bid writers today to ensure you do not miss out on this opportunity for the next bidding round.

The DfE outlines all areas, and their level of priority, in their CIF guidance.

Who can apply for the CIF:

In order to be eligible for the CIF your facility must be:

An open academy, small multi-academy trust or sixth-form college as of 1 September 2020 or a school with a signed academy order as of 1 September 2020 that the department expects will convert by 1 April 2021. Or a non-diocesan voluntary aided school.


Cannot be part of a multi-academy trust which has 5 academies or more or has 3,000+ pupils within the overall trust, this is because the MAT will receive a School Capital Funding allocation to use strategically across the estate instead.

If you fit into these guidelines, you are able to apply for the funding; However, we are aware how difficult and time consuming the application process can be, so we want to assist by providing you with all the support and guidance needed to submit a successful application.

Don’t delay start writing your CIF bid today!

SAAF Education can save you time and take away the headache of the bid writing process. We work with external bid writers who work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, helping you to write an effective and efficient application that will boost your chance at a successful bid.

Interested? Just click the button below and request a no obligation call back from our bid writing partners.

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By SAAF Finance
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17 September 2020



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