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Land and Building Asset Register - What Trusts Need to Know

Date published: Date modified: 2022-12-23

Due to a ‘limitation of scope’ qualification on the Department for Education’s academy land and buildings recognition account, a new land and building asset register (LBR) has been created.

This limitation of scope concerns the amount of information held by the DfE to support a blanket recognition of the academy sector’s land and building assets.

What is required?

In order to collect information for this register, the DfE have created an online land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) for all academy trusts to supply data for each of their schools.

The data supplied to this tool will then allow the DfE to assess whether a site should or should not recognise each specific academy’s assets on the SARA balance sheet. The information supplied is concerned with the arrangements in place for an academy trust to utilise their land and building assets.

Additional information is also required on the land and buildings used by each academy for valuation purposes.

In order for them to achieve a robust recognition assessment, the DfE require enough evidence to support an audit of these tests.

You must submit your data soon!

Each academy trust must provide their data no later than 31st October 2017, supplying details for each academy school under the trust as at 31st August 2017.

If an academy school joined your trust on 1st September 2017, then it will be accounted for in next year’s assessment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: New academy schools under your trust will still have to complete the valuation form within 6 weeks of opening. However, if the schools require a 5-year revaluation, they will not need to complete their valuation form because the data required for them will be taken from the LBCT.

Trusts with Church Schools

The DfE have worked with the Catholic Education Service (CES) and the Church of England Education Officer (CEEO) to develop a process for trusts with church schools.

The guidance describes the actions for academy trusts and dioceses to prepare and approve information in the land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) for church schools that occupy church-owned land.

There is a declaration in the LBCT Excel workbook for church schools which can be scanned and shared with the Diocese so that they can sign the LBCT diocese confirmation sheet to give their approval.

So if you still need to submit your data, click here to access the Collection Tool and the manuals on how to use it.

We can help

If you need support to complete the return, SAAF can help. Click the button below to contact us. 

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By Stuart Tongue
SAAF Education 340 110

20 October 2017



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