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SAAF Education Blog: The Magic of a School Breakfast

The Magic of a School Breakfast

Eating breakfast boosts school pupils’ reaction times, memory, concentration levels, general behaviour and performance in GCSEs, according to research from Katie Adolphus’ study on “the free breakfast club”.

However, free breakfast schemes do not extend to every area of the country. So, what can schools do if they are not located in a “disadvantaged area”?

UK charity, Magic Breakfast, has been set-up to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn, by providing schools with a variety of healthy, nutritious breakfast options.

Currently, it supports 467 primary and secondary schools; special educational needs schools and pupil referral units across England.

What “magic” do they provide?

Magic Breakfast supports schools that have 35% or more of its pupils eligible for free school meals, or schools with 50% of Ever6 Pupils.

Schools can apply for the scheme by filling out a short, one-page application form that asks such questions as, “Does a breakfast club exist?” and “Do you notice the effect of hunger in children?”

Successful applicants will then be supplied with a variety of breakfast options, such as porridge, cereal, and bagels, which follow the guidelines set out in the Government’s School Food Standards. These guarantee pupils are given energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals whilst staying low in sugar, salt, and fat.

Magic Breakfast also provides schools with guidance and support about portion sizes for all school pupil ages, allergens that may appear in breakfasts, and appropriate nutritional advice to make sure children are fueled with the best nourishment. This is a great opportunity for schools to improve results at no cost.

For more information on how breakfast can improve pupil’s progress, read our blog on the “Power of Free School Breakfasts”.

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