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New Pupil Premium Rate from April 2020

Date published: Date modified: 2022-10-25

The government recently announced that pupil premium rates are due to rise in line with inflation from April 2020 for all eligible pupils.  This funding will come from the government’s £2.6 billion increase in school budget for 2020/21.

Pupil premium is paid for pupils who have been eligible and registered for free school meals in the last six years (EVA6), all children of service personnel or pupils classed at Looked after.

EVA6 pupils will receive £1,345 if primary age and £955 if secondary age up to year 11. 

The Looked After rate allocated for each eligible pupil to Local Authorities (LA) will be £2,345, LA's must work with schools and academies to decide how the money is used to support the child’s Personal Education Plan.

Schools and academies will receive £310 for every pupil with a parent who is currently serving in HM Forces or has retired on a pension from the Ministry of Defence, this funding is to assist with pastoral support.

Read the full government guidance here.

SAAF Education's finance consultants can support you with budgeting and monitoring your pupil premium spend. 

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By SAAF Finance
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15 April 2020



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