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Teacher Pension Grant Supplementary Fund (TPGSF)

Date published: Date modified: 2022-10-25


What is the Teacher Pension Grant Supplementary Fund (TPGSF)?

Teacher Pension Grant Supplementary Fund (TPGSF) provides additional funding alongside the Teachers’ Pension Employer Contribution Grant (TPECG) to cover the cost of the increase in the Teacher Pension Scheme employer contribution rate from September 2019.

Schools/academies are eligible for TPGSF if the TPECG falls short of their actual pension cost increase from September 2019 AND the cost is more than 0.05% of their overall budget for that period.

To claim TPGSF you need to apply before 17 January 2020, so make sure that you don’t miss out!

Who is eligible for the Teacher Pension Grant Supplementary Fund?

Schools and academies excluding special schools, special academies, PRU’s and hospital schools are eligible to apply in this round and can apply now!! Excluded establishments will be able to apply for the funding next year.

Academies that are part of a multi academy trust must apply for each individual establishment.
In order to determine whether you are eligible to claim the supplementary funding the online form must be completed.

Accessing the online form:

In order to access the form, you will require a DfE Sign-in account. Instructions on how to create an account can be found here: https://help.signin.education.gov.uk/contact/create-account 

An approver at your organisation can assign access for you or other users to access the online form. Details on how to set up the first approver at an organisation can be found here: https://help.signin.education.gov.uk/contact/approver/new-approver

Please bear in mind, it can take up to 10 working days to be granted initial approver access, so you must register for DfE Sign-in with enough time to be able to submit a claim by the closing date 17 January 2020. If your organisation already has an approver set-up they can provide access to others without you needing to re-register.

Need Help applying?

If you would like to apply for this funding, our finance consultants can provide all the help you need on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Interested? Just click the button below and fill in the quick form to request a call back from our finance consultants.

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For further information visit the DFE website, which outlines all information regarding the supplementary funding:



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By Su Johal
SAAF Education 340 110

9 December 2019



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