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The Summer Census

Date published: Date modified: 2023-02-10

The summer census deadline is drawing closer and closer; if you haven’t already submitted your data are you prepared?

Who must complete the census?

By law, all schools and academies must complete the statutory censuses that take place during the autumn, spring, and summer term. The following establishments will have to take part:

  • All local-authority-maintained schools including community/foundation/ voluntary-aided schools, special schools and pupil referral units
  • Academies
  • Free Schools
  • Studio Schools
  • Non-maintained special schools
  • University Technical Colleges (UTC’s)

Data for the census should be based on 18th May, meaning, that all the data collected must be relevant up to that date, e.g. how many pupils on roll as of the 18th May. Therefore, if a child started at the school as of the 19th May they would not be included in the summer census.

How to submit your data

When completed, local-authority-maintained schools and PRU’s should submit their data to their local authority, whereas, the following are responsible for submitting their own data to the DfE:

  • Academies
  • Free Schools
  • UTC’s
  • Studio Schools
  • Non-maintained special schools

The completed data must then be submitted onto the centralised data collection and management system. Only after all the “errors”, or validation checks, are cleared will your data status change to “authorised”; meaning completed.

The data must be completed and submitted on COLLECT by Wednesday 14th June 2017.

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By Stuart Tongue
SAAF Education 340 110

24 May 2017



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