The healthy body programme

What is the programme?

Providing high quality and specialist P.E. lessons planned meticulously to cover the whole curriculum, our dedicated and enthusiastic instructor offers an alternative way to utilise and maximise your sports premium.  Courses include multiple activities  from dance to orienteering, whilst also assisting and developing your P.E. teacher's confidence to deliver outstanding lessons.

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What makes this programme different?

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    Delivery to both KS1 and KS2.
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    A broad range of topics and sports delivered including those identified within the National Curriculum.
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    Specified Plans

    Individualised lesson planning to meet the needs of each class.
  • Tailored-to-pupils.png

    Tailored to Pupils

    Differentiated learning outcomes to allow all to progress.
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    Ongoing Support

    Assessment for learning within each lesson to raise standards and check for understanding.
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    Full Plenary

    Support for self-assessment and to probe for understanding.
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    Above & Beyond

    Delivery of after school and lunch time clubs.
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    Annual planning support and quality assurance.
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    SP Evidence

    Support to complete the evidence of impact for primary P.E. and sport premium.
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