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Our school improvement service offers great alternative solutions for sports, teaching and mental well-being. These services offer three bespoke programmes that can be fully tailored to meet the requirements of your school and its pupils. These include:

  • The healthy mind programme:
    • A high skilled instructor will guide your pupils through a five step behaviour transformation programme to help them understand their emotions, behaviour and perspectives and how these can affect their learning and the learning of others around them.
    • This programme is suitable for both primary and secondary schools.
    • A free 30 minute consultation is available prior to purchase.
  • The healthy body programme:
    • An alternative way to spend your sports premium funding.
    • Our specialist P.E. instructor can offer enhanced sessions to cover the whole curriculum and more, whilst also assisting your P.E. department to help develop their confidence and deliver outstanding lessons.
    • These can be delivered to both KS1 and KS2 classes.
  • The happy life programme:
    • Taking a more holistic approach, our happy life programme combines both the healthy mind and healthy body programmes to offer additional mental health and behaviour transformation services, whilst all under the banner of sports premium funding.
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