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Budget planning software tailored to your needs

Our bespoke academy budget planning software gives you the freedom to set budgets locally or centrally, delivering easy analysis of data and fast efficient consolidation at the central level, whatever your choice.

How we help

  • Review consolidated GAG allocations across the MAT
  • Allows users to switch between Financial Year or Budget Scenario in any menu or report
  • Enables the user to switch between different academies within the MAT effortlessly
  • Can hold unlimited scenarios for 'what if' budget planning
  • Quick and transparent salary calculator with monthly cost analysis for easy reconciliation to the payroll reports
  • Accurately calculates the cost of maternity leave when setting the annual budget
  • Generates a budget import report for easy upload to your accounting software
  • Mapped to your Chart of Accounts to allow simple budget setting against your recognisable coding structure, budget income and expenditure across multiple nominal/cost centre combinations
  • Access data wherever you have an internet connection
  • Access via a secure login with full SSL authentication, much safer than a browser based system
  • Always on our latest version with access to the latest functionality and updated for changes to reporting requirements
  • National Insurance rates automatically updated in line with HMRC published contribution rate tables
  • Customise your data grids to your personal preferences
  • Provides the ability to fix a budget for the year so it cannot be edited for audit purposes
  • ESFA Budget Forecast return generated within the software for upload to the ESFA including a consolidated version for MAT's
  • Automatic updates released to account for changes to the EFA reporting requirements
  • Pay scales can be easily set and updated throughout the year. For MAT's you can apply different pay scales to different academies within the trust
  • Allows data to be demonstrated in an easier way, and can be customised to show only necessary information
  • Excel style data grids for 100% user acceptance. Quickly sort, group or search your data
  • Track income and expenditure against different funding streams. Apportion staff costs against these core funding streams and cover off your OFSTED reporting requirements when setting the annual budget
  • Budgeted cash flow and KPI analysis reporting. Gives quick views to important ratios across the academy or MAT's budget
  • Easily cost out your curriculum budgets and allocate staff costs across your department headings
  • Information can be exported easily to multiple formats meaning the data can be edited and changed at will, this also helps customers who are used to working on Excel for a long period of time
  • Clear and concise reporting with graphical analysis, supports easy delivery and understanding for non-financially trained governors/trustees
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What our clients say
The best thing about SAAF is that somebody will always get back to you. I’ve never waited longer than an hour, which is far superior to our previous supplier.
Claire McAlonan, Federation Business Manager | Raleigh Learning Trust
From my first meeting with the SAAF team to date they have a calm, reassuring and no-nonsense approach to Academy Finance. Thank you. I couldn’t do this role without you.
Lisa Kirby, School Business Manager | St Philip Neri’s Primary & Nursery School