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Internal audit & finance system reviews

Our internal audit and finance system reviews ensure your school, academy or trust is running as efficiently as possible

What is an internal audit?


Having sound financial governance is a mandatory requirement for schools, academies and trusts.

An internal audit provides assurance that your risk management, financial controls, systems, and processes are aligned and operating efficiently. It also ensures that your operations comply with laws and regulations. 


An internal audit can add significant value and help achieve your school or academy's strategic and operational goals.

Internal audit support for schools & academies

Our internal audits include a comprehensive assessment of your school or academy's internal finance operations.

We will test your processes and systems, ensuring that your school and academy is operating efficiently and meeting your obligatory requirements.

Our in-depth understanding of school and academy finance, and the risks involved, allow us to comprehensively identify areas of improvement and support - implementing proposed recommendations to streamline your processes and enable your finance function to run more efficiently.

We also tailor our testing to your specific needs, based on governor and staff involvement.

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Our internal audit service includes




Capital contracts


Charge card

Bank and cash

Fixed assets

Control accounts

Financial reporting

Submission of ESFA returns

What is a finance system review?


A finance system review is a health check of your accounting software. It reviews system architecture and security - providing a full check of your core balance sheet. 


It ensures your system is running as efficiently as possible and delivering accurate financial reporting.


Finance system review for schools & academies

Our finance system reviews are delivered independently and objectively, by our expert finance team. These can be delivered onsite or remotely.

As part of our comprehensive evaluation, you will receive a detailed report outlining key deficiencies - including financial administration, bank, funds and full balance sheet review. 

We will advise on best practices and provide areas for improvement. 

You will gain access to highly qualified and knowledgeable specialists, who have a wealth of knowledge in school and academy financial management.

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Our finance system testing includes

System configuration 

Financial administration 

System administration

Ledger accounts

Workflow/ procurement 

Payment runs

Bank reconciliation


Income & expenditure 

Balance sheet

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The service to date from SAAF has been excellent. Key to this has been their knowledge and understanding of the sector and their appreciation of how a MAT operates. We have worked with SAAF for approaching two years now, utilising their Internal Scrutiny services and have been pleased with the reports provided and the work undertaken during that period. We look forward to continuing this service for years to come.

Director of Finance & Business, The Constellation Trust

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