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New Academy Trust Governance Guide

Date published: Date modified: 2024-05-13

In March this year, the Department for Education (DfE) released the new Academy Trust Governance Guide which replaces the old Governance Handbook 2019 and serves as the primary DfE source of governance information.

This new guide is a reference document for those involved in trust governance. It provides essential information on contractual requirements.

The new guide does not include any new governance expectations or major compliance requirements. The trust guide is structured around the DfE’s 5 pillars of academy trust quality and aligns well with the Academy Trust Handbook (ATH).

It sets out one fundamental principle and seven further principles:

  1. Delivering the academy trust charitable objects
  2. Leadership
  3. Integrity
  4. Decision making, risk and control
  5. Board effectiveness
  6. Equality, diversity and inclusion
  7. Openness and accountability

The new guidance is for:

  • Trustees, executive leaders, local committee governors, governance professionals and academy trust members
  • Academy trusts including free schools and university technical colleges
  • Foundations, sponsors and others, such as diocesan authorities, with an interest in the governance of trusts
  • Organisations supporting boards to develop effective governance

It does not apply directly to pupil referral units, sixth-form colleges, or general further education colleges, though they may find its principles helpful.

All of those in governing trusts – both trustees and local governors – should be made aware of the guide during their induction and be confident in referring to it when needed.

Click here for the Academy Trust Governance Guide and resources for trust boards.

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9 April 2024


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