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The Best Exam Answers

Date published: Date modified: 2022-04-14

Marking has never been the most enjoyable part of the job but every now and again you come across a little gem that makes it all seem worth it. To provide a bit of humour and a break away from the seriousness, we have put together some of the best exam answers by children; we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Arctic Exam Question.jpg


Maybe we should 'bear' with this student, he got the maths right in the end!

Flags Exam Answer.jpg


Maybe they were just in a rush to 'Finnish' the exam?

Lonely Exam Question.jpg


This is an excellent answer

Hugh Jackman Exam Answer.jpg


I hope this question wasn't worth Huge marks

Ghost Exam Answer.jpg


Bet this gave their teacher a scare

Sit Down Exam Answer.jpg


Well, you're not wrong...

Smooth Answer.jpg


This kid is far too smooth! Give them an A+!

Future Exam Answer.jpg


Well that escalated quickly!


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