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Standing out as an educator: Tips for acing your interview

Date published: Date modified: 2024-01-15

For educators, making a lasting impression in the competitive world of teaching requires more than just qualifications.

You might have seen our previous blog post with tips for creating an outstanding CV; here are tips on how to ace the interview.

Research the school:

Before the interview, research the school’s background. Understand its mission, values, and educational philosophy. Familiarise yourself with its recent achievements and any unique programmes or initiatives. This shows your prospective employer that you’re genuinely interested in becoming a part of their community.

Prepare for common teacher interview questions:

Expect to be asked questions about your teaching philosophy, classroom management techniques, and how you handle challenges in the classroom. Practise your responses to these questions, ensuring you can provide specific examples from your teaching experiences.

Show off your work:

Compile a portfolio of sample lesson plans, certifications, and any awards. Be ready to discuss the contents of your portfolio during the interview. Evidence of your teaching abilities can set you apart from other candidates.

Highlight your classroom management skills:

Effective classroom management is crucial for maintaining a positive learning environment. Discuss your strategies for maintaining discipline while fostering a nurturing atmosphere in your classroom. Share stories of how you’ve handled challenging behavioural situations successfully.

Emphasise your adaptability:

Flexibility is a great quality for educators, be prepared to discuss how you adapt your teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of your students, including those with varying learning styles and abilities.

Demonstrate passion:

Convey your genuine love for teaching and your commitment to helping students succeed. Share anecdotes that illustrate your dedication to the profession and your desire to make a positive impact on young lives.

Ask thoughtful questions:

Interviews are a two-way street! Prepare a list of questions to ask your prospective employer. Ask about the school's approach to professional development, support for teachers, and opportunities for collaboration with colleagues. This demonstrates your interest in not only securing the job but also thriving in it.

Practise presenting:

Teaching interviews can require a sample lesson or presentation. Practise your teaching demonstration in advance, ensuring it aligns with the class level and subject you’re interviewing for. Pay attention to your communication style, clarity, and engagement with the audience.

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Top tips from Jen Tivey - Branch Manager for Nottingham:

"If you're attending an interview that's been arranged through an agency, then don’t hesitate to do all that is listed above.

Ask for as much information as possible from your consultant - including if they have any other candidates who have worked at the school and what their feedback is regarding these candidates.

Your CV may have already been shared but the interview/trial at the school is what is going to make you stand out, so always be over-prepared and you’ll never under-deliver!"

Landing your dream teaching job requires more than just academic qualifications, it demands a well-prepared and confident interview performance.

By researching the school, showcasing your skills and experiences, and emphasising your passion for education, you'll increase your chances of standing out in the competitive world of teaching interviews.

Pair this with our CV tips and your job search will go smoothly.

Good luck!

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12 October 2023


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