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Children’s Mental Health Week: Tools and resources for your school or academy.

Date published: Date modified: 2021-02-01

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week (1-7 February) and this year’s theme is Express Yourself. To support your school or academy we’ve put together some tools and resources.

‘Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity’ – Place2Be. This could be through art, music, creativity or writing.

According to Place2Be around three children in every primary school class experience a mental health issue.

Many children struggle with challenges such as bullying, body image and bereavement. This awareness week which was first launched in 2015 by Place2Be, shines a light on these issues and the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

Tools and Resources for Schools and Academies

Place2BE’s School & Youth Groups Resources

Place2Be’s free resources can be adapted for use in school, home-schooling, online lessons or independent learning. There’s a variety of activities available, sectioned into primary and secondary. Each package includes assembly guides, class activities and fundraising ideas.

Find out more here.

Place2BE’s Parents & Carers Resources

As well as School & Youth Groups resources, Place2Be also have resources for parents and carers. These resources include top tips to help children express themselves, drawing activities and an art game to encourage expression.

Find out more here.

BBC - Mental Health and Wellbeing Teaching Resources

BBC have a collection for both primary and secondary students. A number of themes are explored throughout these resources. These themes include: mental health, body image, friendship, bravery, learning differences and growth mindset. For primary and secondary school children there are animations, short films and episodes.

Find BBC’s resources here.

YoungMinds Resources

YoungMinds have different tools and resources suitable for children and young people. There’s School Resources, books and leaflets, posters and more for schools to raise awareness.

Find out more here.

Anna Freud – Mentally Healthy Schools Resources

Anna Freud’s 5 steps to mental health and wellbeing in schools is a vital resource: 1. Leading change, 2. Working together, 3. Understanding need, 4. Promoting wellbeing and 5. Support staff. This charity has a range of tools and resources – from toolkits to a ‘tracking my feelings’ tool allowing children to identify trigger points and positivity in their day-to-day life.

Find these resources here.

It’s important that children’s voices are heard – and that no child or young person should face mental health problems alone.

If a child or young person is experiencing mental health difficulties you can get support from NHS services here.

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1 February 2021


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