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Extra Funding to Enhance Science and Music Lessons (UK)

Date published: Date modified: 2022-10-25

It can often be a difficult process to receive funding for various departments in your school, academy, or MAT however there are a couple of non DFE grants currently available as a top up to your standard funding streams. 

If you’re looking for additional funding to support your school and enhance the learning experience for your pupils, this post can point you in the right direction to achieve this.

Science and Chemistry Equipment Grants for Schools (UK)

If you’re in need of additional chemistry equipment for your school, the Royal Society of Chemistry can help. This grant scheme can provide you with a grant of up to £1,000 towards the purchase of equipment to support the delivery of primary science or secondary chemistry lessons.
This grant is a great opportunity to enhance the learning experience for your pupils, by supporting and enriching the practical aspect of science lessons.

The deadline for applications is the 15th November 2020. Do not miss out on this great opportunity!

Click here for more information

Funding for Music Making Projects for Young People in Challenging Circumstances (England)

Youth Music is offering a great funding programme for schools and non-profit organisations to support children and young people in challenging circumstances to develop music-making projects. The aim of this funding is to equalise access to music for young people, particularly for those who have limited opportunity to acquire music skills.

Youth Making's funding programme is made up of three separate funds. These are:

  • Fund A which offers small grants (£2,000 to £30,000) for high quality music-making projects.
  • Fund B offers medium-sized grants (30,001 - £150,000 per year for up to two years) for larger programmes of work.
  • Music Education Hub Development Fund

The closing date for applications for Fund A is 4th December 2020 and the deadline for Fund B is 2nd October 2020. If this funding can provide opportunity for your pupils then why not apply?

Click here for more information 

These school funding opportunities can be a great option for your school to enhance various departments to provide your pupils with increased opportunities and new learning experiences. 

By SAAF Finance
SAAF Education 340 110

16 September 2020


School Improvement

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