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SAAF contribute to newly qualified teachers’ student loan repayments

Date published: Date modified: 2022-12-15

At SAAF Education, we’re dedicated to placing teachers in their dream roles, so they can make a real difference.  

To help newly qualified teachers (NQT) accelerate their careers, we’re offering to pay back student loan repayments upon successful induction placement.  

96% of NQT’s found placements through SAAF in 2019-2020. Our plan is to continue supporting ambition and potential.  

There have been some recent changes to the NQT framework. As stated by the DfE, the changes are as follows: 

  • From September 2021, the standard length of induction has increased from one school year to two school years 
  • The term early career teacher (ECT) replaced newly qualified teacher (NQT) 
  • In addition to the 10% timetable reduction that ECTs receive in their first year of induction, ECTs will also receive a 5% timetable reduction in the second year of induction 
  • Schools are expected to deliver an induction period that is underpinned by the ECF (see para 2.39). Appropriate bodies will have a role in checking that an ECF-based induction is in place  
  • The role of the mentor has been introduced. The mentor will have a key role in supporting the ECT during induction and is separate from the role of the induction tutor.  
  • There will be two formal assessment points, one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period. These will be supported by regular progress reviews to monitor progress, to take place in each term where a formal assessment is not scheduled. 
  • In cases where ECTs working part-time can demonstrate that they have met the Teachers’ Standards, the appropriate body is able to reduce the length of the induction period and bring forward the final assessment point. This decision is only to be made in agreement with the ECT and once the ECT has completed a period covering, but not equivalent to, two school years. 
  • The number of ad-hoc absences permitted has been extended, in line with the extended length of induction. 

Further information can be found here.

We’re offering newly qualified teachers the opportunity to have their student loan repayments contributed. Teachers’ must be in a long-term placement with SAAF, and the placement must contribute to their induction period of two years. Further information can be found below. 

 Terms for student loan repayment  

  • Upon successful placement with SAAF Education, we will contribute repayments to student loan deductions for the period in which the newly qualified teacher/ early careers teacher remains employed by us 
  • The newly qualified teacher/ early careers teacher must be in a long-term placement with SAAF to qualify for this offer 
  • The placement in which the newly qualified teacher/ early careers teacher is undertaking must count towards the induction period of two years (as of September 2021) 
  • If the school in which the newly qualified teacher/ early careers teacher is on placement with employ the teacher permanently, contribution payments from SAAF will no longer be valid and SAAF’s contribution will end

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16 June 2021



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