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The New Academies Chart of Accounts: What you need to know

The New Academies Chart of Accounts (ACoA) automation technology allows you to submit your trial balance data directly from your financial management software to the Accounts Return form. The aim is to save you time and reduce any errors involved in completing your Accounts Return.  

Become a PSF Master with our Live Webinar Programme

As a PS Financials (PSF) accredited support and training partner we understand how complex the software can be for users. Some processes can be time consuming and at times cumbersome, leaving you wondering is there a simpler way of doing this?

Are you using the right finance software in your school?

Do you use a finance software in your school, academy or multi-academy trust? If the answer is no, is it time to consider it?

If the answer is yes, are you sure that you’re using the software to its maximum potential?

5 tips that will help you become a PSF master! [Infographic]

Do you use PS Financials? Do you want to increase your knowledge and skills to become a PSF master? Well, we have created an infographic to help you do just that! 

We have provided 5 top tips that we think will help you save valuable time and make your job more efficient.

So view our infographic, save it, download it, or print it out to hang on your wall; it's all yours!

Things all PSF users need to know

PS Financials (PSF) is a complex accounting system with many functions unknown to users. From queries about reallocating invoices to simply adding a credit note, we’ve heard it all. So, we thought we would share some of our knowledge to help you get to grips with the basics.

We believe that every PSF user in your team should know how to use these handy functions so that you can feel more confident with your school or academy's financial administration.

The Failings of Excel | Financial Tools for Schools

Imagine – you’ve spent hours putting data into an Excel spreadsheet, only to find you’ve typed in the wrong number, or accidentally missed out an important line of data. Ever wondered if there was an easier way? Could purpose-built budgeting software prove more useful?

Let’s look at Excel and its limitations, and some of the alternatives that can help you handle modern budgeting in schools.

SAAF Budget Planner Licence competition winner

We’re delighted and excited to announce the winner of the SAAF Budget Planner Licence. (Cue drum roll!)